Hey, Beautiful Soul! Welcome Home!

How does being your own guru sound?

How about living in 24/7 serenity, assuredness, clarity, high vibes, and joy?

Allow Andrea Lowell to introduce you to:

The I AM Everything Project

A One-on-One Self Mastery Mentorship opportunity to Propel your Mindset & Self Awareness to

So what is it? 

A Program to become everything you need to finally live the life of your dreams, without being a black-belt in meditation or other practices!

Does Any of This Sound familiar?

“I am tired of feeling like I’m not in more control of my life. I am sick of not being able to get to the next level of my personal growth. I am tired of wasting my time with online guides or programs to help me ‘become the best version of me,’ but I’m still stuck. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of not blossoming in to my True Self already!”

I know that I tried Self Help books, counselling, gratitude workshops, spiritual retreats, free or cheap quick-fix guides from online ads, plant medicines, goddess circles, psychic readings…but nothing INTEGRATED after the buzz wore off a few weeks later. You?

And, then I realized, the power I was looking for, isn’t something I needed to gain from something outside of myself. 

I AM the solution to all my stagnation, problems, and perceptions; I AM my own medicine! All I needed was to identify my own blocks, my own BS, and my own excuses. Once I identified those things, through radical self awareness, I transmuted it all to incredible assets, unlocking my gifts, manifesting my desires, building true self worth, establishing boundaries…the works!

It didn’t even seem real how simple it all was! 

All of this up-leveling, by looking deep within, and USING my own mind, body, and Soul was the SUPER POWER! Whaaat??! 

Situations that used to paralyze me were now handled without hesitation.

This “radical self awareness thing” was a complete game changer! And all of my friends and family wanted to know what my “secret” was for my life becoming noticeably more expansive, powerful, free,  beautiful, and blissful!

So that’s why I created The I AM Everything Project!

  • I utilized the same blueprint that took me years to figure out, and cut away everything that didn’t radically work, and only included the absolutely life-changing aspects, from my very own propulsion to a higher dimension of living.
  • Everything, is of course, customizable for each client, as everyone’s trauma, mindset, work-life, family-life, and goals are different. But the roadmap is the same! I have successfully guided countless women through this exact process, and everyone who steps up and follows the plan, is over the moon with their results!


Do you want to wake up without a sense of dread for the day to come?

Do you want to have a high personal frequency, as your default

Do you want to truly understand why you make each choice you make? Do you wish to embody Spiritual Principles in everything you do? 

Do you want step-by-step practical application of all the impractical “woo-woo spiritual stuff?” – Don’t get me wrong, I love the woo-woo, too!

Do you want to feel like you are the master of your life? 

Do you want to love your life and every choice you make…because it’s the perfect life and the right choice? 

Do you want to align with your spirituality 24/7? 

Do you want everyone to look at you and think, “What’s her secret?”

Does this type of mindset shift sound epic?

In the I AM Everything Project, you’ll embark on a 2-, 6-, or 12-Month journey of self discovery and self awareness, that integrates all of the above…and more!

The IAE Project structure includes:

  • KNOWLEDGE – You’ll receive in-depth education and tender guidance on how to masterfully integrate what you’re learning, and in turn love every facet of your life, through this process of understanding yourself inside and out!

  • A HUB – Clients have access to the exclusive online portal where they will embark on this journey of empowerment and self awareness! 

Within the portal are high-quality video lessons, work materials, guided meditations, training, bonuses, and streamlined access to everything needed to succeed with the I AM Everything Project!

  • ACCESS TO ME -Clients have direct one-on-one mentorship with me once a week for 8 weeks, 6 months, or 12 months. No one is left hanging to “figure it out.” 

I AM 100% invested in your personal growth as your coach and guide!

  • COMMUNITY – Clients have a private womens-only online community for support, love, encouragement, and safe haven (I am active there as well). 

You will always have a place (and The IAE Project family!) to turn to for quick help and support! It’s a beautiful place to share all of your triumphs with the process, too!!

Oh, and some absolutely incredible and high value BONUSES!!

  • I am including FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to the exclusive online portal (and, of course, the online community!)!! 

  • If you ever need a refresher, a recharge, or a reminder of how AWESOME YOU ARE, every lesson, video, worksheet, guide, mediation, and custom bonus training is there for you, whenever you need!

  • Did you just say “bonus training?” YUP! Having counselled countless people over the years, and hearing what they want help with the most of off the bat, I decided to provide every client with FREE BONUS TRAININGS on BOUNDARIES and RELATIONSHIPS!! (But, FYI- Relationships and Boundaries are also covered extensively in The IAE Project! You will LOVE these complementary bonus trainings!!)
    • These bonuses and course access are yours forever and will NEVER expire!

The price of this life-altering course (with my one-on-one mentorship the entire time) ranges from $14,497 USD – $97,000 USD. 

Learn about the THREE TIERS of my Services HERE (IG) or HERE (text)

No one has ever asked for a refund. Because I only work with men and women who are committed to their growth, there is a no-refund policy. Once we start this journey, it’s an initiation of the new client to make beneficial decisions and stick to them! All new clients will receive a contract for their approval!

If there is a reason we need to put the coaching on hold, of course, all arrangements will be accommodated hassle-free.

We are embarking on this together! I am always here to be as flexible as necessary, as long as the intention to follow through is apparent! 

I only take a limited amount of clients each cycle to maintain my high level of service, integrity, and dedicated care to each new client. 

Several interest-free payment plans are always available to choose from.


Want to hear what Andrea Lowell’s clients are saying?

Danielle, recent The IAE Project Graduate!!


Love my clients!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am already on the spiritual path. Will this program somehow override or negate what I am already doing? I don’t want to give up meditation! 

A: Absolutely not! The I AM Everything Project is designed for anyone and everyone to get to their Highest! The tools, knowledge, and techniques you will learn only AMPLIFY your already awesome practices and rituals!

Q: I am currently in despair, feeling hopeless, and truly stuck in a rut. Can Andrea’s coaching program help me, or is it only for those who already have a great life, looking to go higher?

A: I created this system because I, myself,  was in absolute despair. This program was designed to help anyone achieve their Highest, no matter the starting point. The high will go higher, and the low will go HIGH, too! I have worked with everyone from addicts and the homeless, to single moms, high-level executives, even celebrities. The rut you feel trapped in will soon be seen as a mindset obstacle that you gracefully overcame!

Q: I am working 8 hour days, how will I be able to embark on a course that promises so much growth and change? Will it be all consuming?

A: Absolutely not. Each lesson is between 3 minutes to 45 minutes. You could do all lessons from a single module in one day, or spread them out throughout the week. The Project is 7 modules, but I understand hectic schedules, so I allow 8 weeks to finish the program. And, if you need longer, just schedule that with me directly. All was taken into great consideration when designing this high-level mentorship and coaching program!

Q: How does Andrea conduct her one-on-one coaching? I’m not trying to get dressed/privacy/tidy my office for a Zoom call. Is it actually just her and myself?

A: Andrea does all of her coaching calls over the phone. For international clients, she uses Telegram, whatsapp, FaceTime Audio, or Skype AUDIO (whatever the client prefers). The pressure to look decent on camera, or have any element of stress is not a part of this project. Roll up in your PJs, grab a pen and paper, and a tall glass of water! If you prefer a Zoom or FaceTime call, just ask! One-on-One coaching is just that: absolutely private and sacred. No other clients will ever be present on your call.

Q: Is there a trial period to see if the I AM Everything Project is a good fit, before I commit to the $4447 price tag?

A: When you book your FREE Self Discovery call below, you will decide on the call if this is exactly what you need. I will never take on a client who I feel is not a good fit for the program. Also, if you are not vibing with me on the phone, you are under no obligation to continue the process. At the very least, you’ll end the call with some incredible advice, suggestions, and tools to start using immediately to get your life on the trajectory you desire! No strings attached!

Q: Does Andrea offer couples therapy or courses for men?

A: At this time, no. However, I am already planning co-ed retreats, online courses for men, and couples coaching in the near future! So many clients want this same exact  program for their spouses! We (my husband and I) are working on it!

When you utilize the gifts of The I AM Everything Program, every area of your life will amplify and improve! Once YOU upgrade, everything upgrades!

WIth The I AM Everything Project, you will:

  • Intuitively handle situations that used to leave you frazzled!
  • Gain the Self Awareness necessary to empower your own life, once and for all!!
  • Gain respect at home, at work, and watch as all of your relationships flourish due to your new & upgraded mindset!
  • Wake each day with a grateful heart, excited for the day ahead!
  • Be in true alignment with your Heart, not your head.
  • You will innerstand that we are not our thoughts! We HAVE thoughts!
  • Walk proudly in your new lifestyle of bliss, joy, high vibes, serenity, spiritual alignment, self worth, and higher consciousness!
  • Did I mention you’ll be vibing so high, manifestations will be second nature due to your upgraded frequency and awareness?!
  • You’ll know all the high-level manifestation techniques that ONLY the self-aware and vibrationally-aligned can successfully utilize! Exciting, right?
  • Have everyone wondering what YOUR secret is!

  • The energy exchange is $14,497 – $97,000 USD.  $$ Should never be the reason we do not embark on your best life ever!
  • My clients always say this was the best decision they ever made! MORE TESTIMONY HERE.


If we are not a perfect match as client and coach, there are no strings attached; the call is free!

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