THANK YOU (recording purchase)

Thank you, Beautiful Soul, for purchasing your custom recording for Manifestation, Self Healing, and Gratitude amplification!

If for some reason Andrea does not approve your request, you will receive notice of cancellation of the clarity call, and get a full refund.

What to expect on the call:

Andrea will ask you the main details of your current situation and the desires of your manifestation, areas of pain/diagnosis, area of your life in need of extra help!

These are audio-only calls.

Andrea will call you from an unknown number.

Please check your phone settings to allow unknown calls at this specific time.

Please be dedicated in your focus, so that Andrea may be able to help you to her full potential.

All information that you need will be found in your email and calendar.

Have a Beautiful Day, and know that your actions have already propelled you into the direction of your desires!


“In a time of absolute crisis, Andrea provided peace, hope, and solace through the power of prayer and manifestation. Andrea is an absolute master of meditation and manifestation, and I was blessed to have her support and powerful presence during a time of struggle through a magical custom meditation/manifesting prayer. Andrea has a voice of filled with frequencies of strength, joy, faith and power. Through her custom meditation/prayer that she recorded using her magical voice of manifestation, she was able to pull me through the most difficult of circumstances. I am forever grateful to have Andrea in my life and highly recommend her and her powerful practices to anyone needing to work through difficulties or to those looking to up-level their current vibration and frequency. She is an absolute gift to this world.”

Miki Miller

“About a year ago now, I tore my Achilles while playing softball. It was a devastating and I was really struggling with the process and truly accepting it. I felt like my world was coming down on me; helpless, alone and scared. Andrea is so good with her words and inflection, so I asked if she could record a small clip on how I should speak to my Achilles as a specific guide for me. Andrea provided me with such a lovely, amazing short audio clip that I used over and over and then eventually incorporated into my daily routine. Once again, she used such meaningful words that truly resonated with me. This gratitude exercise and guided recording from Andrea absolutely helped my elevate my healing process. I would highly recommend Andrea and this type of service or someone looking for some guidance on how to begin a daily mantra or manifestation practice. Andrea was truly a blessing and I am very fortunate that the universe aligned us. It was no accident.”

Adam Raber

“In 2020 like most people I was stagnant for the first time ever. Physical and spiritual. Quickly inflammation took a toll on most of my joints. I went to doctors, ran blood tests. Everything serious was completely fine. Just inflammation they said and yet walking was painful. My knees would give out occasionally. How could “Inflammation” be so immobilizing?  [Through these recordings], Andrea taught me how to heal with a grateful heart and also how to listen to my body. I learned how to be grateful for each little pain, which ultimately reversed them entirely!! I am now walking 2 hours a day again and feeling great! I feel younger than ever because I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for movement. I am grateful for energy and an abundance of health. Andrea’s recordings taught me how to heal with a grateful heart and also how to listen to my body. She is amazing because she speaks from a pure heart with a lot of wisdom and power.”

Sarah M.