Sarah M., USA

I just asked recent IAE graduate, Sarah, if she would share her experience with gals who are interested in The I AM Everything Project!

She immediately sent me this:

I recently finished the I am everything project and had a great experience! 

During the I am everything project Andrea works closely with you to teach you ways to incorporate more gratitude into your life. 

Her technique are simple and easy to follow yet so intricate and detailed you will find yourself having a lot of epiphany moments of how and why the divine timing of the course will help you. 

She is a great teacher who takes time and care when working with you.

The weekly phone calls are very helpful and uplifting. 

She has a brilliant way of teaching you with your own experiences. She is patient and encouraging. She wants to see you win! 

My background as a client; 

I considered myself a very grateful person to begin with but my life was kind of stagnant the past 5 years. Without a list of excuses a lot of things just didn’t seem to be going fast enough. 


I recently finished The I am everything project and life has changed drastically. My immediate goal was less about manifestation and more about raising my vibe through any situation. 

While going through the steps and doing the work to raise my vibration I achieved miracle like manifestations as an added bonus. 

I started the course with million dollar debt and now I have millions flowing in. 

Best of all; When I started the I am everything project I had pain from the neck down in all my bones from misalignment. Through spiritual alignment and gratitude practices I am now pain free. 

I am very grateful for Andrea and her teachings. I assure you, you will also enjoy your journey with the I AM EVERYTHING project.