Learn About Andrea’s Channeled Recordings!

Andrea Lowell is excited to personalize and record custom meditations, manifestations, gratitude espousals, affirmations, and self-healing amplifications for you today!

A Message from Andrea:

“Channeling exactly what my clients need to receive has been a gift of mine for over a decade.

Sometimes they need my help to find the perfect words, or feel at a loss of how to communicate exactly what they desire. Sometimes they simply don’t feel comfortable taking urgent or important matters into their own hands.

Often, it’s when they know they are not at the frequency to get what they really, really, really, really want! We’ve all been there!

We know GRATITUDE is the frequency, matched with Unconditional Love, that gets us swift and profound results. And when things are rocky or uncertain, it’s challenging to muster that authentically.

That’s where I come in.

I AM able (in all humility) to communicate to you, what your Divine Team wants you to hear, for your Highest outcome!!

Gratitude, Trust, and KNOWING are gifts that I AM here to share with those who have found me.

Due to the successful outcomes of my personalized recordings, I’ve decided to make this a service open to all who are called, not just to my The I AM Everything Project clients, family, and personal friends!

I would absolutely love to amplify your desires, no matter what they may be (as long they follow the golden rule)!

Some examples of recording I have customized include:

All forms of SELF HEALING amplification (pain, injury, dis-ease) or assisting healing in tandem with medical treatment;

Manifesting clarity, willingness, signs, abundance, better relationships, jobs, homes, and romantic partners;

Restoring faith and hope in dark times;

Cultivating Spiritual Connection to a Higher Power, Angels, etc;

Personalized affirmations or words of power;

Gratitude espousals;

Guided Meditations.

Guided Visualizations.

Guided Meditations or Visualizations are set to 432 hertz frequencies, unless otherwise specified or requested by the client. I find this to be the most peaceful and powerful for transmission.

You will receive an MP3 file of your custom, channeled recording!

I look forward to assisting you through my natural gifts, as a result of my ongoing Self Mastery practice. You are so very loved!”

Andrea Lowell, Self Mastery Mentor and Channel of these sacred recordings

TESTIMONIES of Personalized Recording Clients

“In a time of absolute crisis, Andrea provided peace, hope, and solace through the power of prayer and manifestation.

Andrea is an absolute master of meditation and manifestation, and I was blessed to have her support and powerful presence during a time of struggle through a magical custom meditation/manifesting prayer.

Andrea has a voice of filled with frequencies of strength, joy, faith and power.

Through her custom meditation/prayer that she recorded using her magical voice of manifestation, she was able to pull me through the most difficult of circumstances.

I am forever grateful to have Andrea in my life and highly recommend her and her powerful practices to anyone needing to work through difficulties or to those looking to up-level their current vibration and frequency.

She is an absolute gift to this world.”

Miki M., Orange County, CA

“About a year ago now, I tore my Achilles while playing softball. It was devastating and I was really struggling with the process and truly accepting it.

I felt like my world was coming down on me; helpless, alone and scared.

Andrea is so good with her words and inflection, so I asked if she could record a small clip on how I should speak to my Achilles as a specific guide for me.

Andrea provided me with such a lovely, amazing audio clip that I used over and over and then eventually incorporated into my daily routine.

Once again, she used such meaningful words that truly resonated with me.

This gratitude exercise and guided recording from Andrea absolutely helped my elevate my healing process.

I would highly recommend Andrea and this type of service or someone looking for some guidance on how to begin a daily mantra or manifestation practice.

Andrea was truly a blessing and I am very fortunate that the universe aligned us.

It was no accident.”

Adam R., Long Beach, CA

“In 2020 like most people I was stagnant for the first time ever.

Physical and spiritual.

Quickly inflammation took a toll on most of my joints. I went to doctors, ran blood tests.

Everything serious was completely fine. Just inflammation they said and yet walking was painful.

My knees would give out occasionally.

How could “Inflammation” be so immobilizing? 

[Through these recordings], Andrea taught me how to heal with a grateful heart and also how to listen to my body.

I learned how to be grateful for each little pain, which ultimately reversed them entirely!!

I am now walking 2 hours a day again and feeling great! 

I feel younger than ever because I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for movement. I am grateful for energy and an abundance of health. 

Andrea’s recordings taught me how to heal with a grateful heart and also how to listen to my body.

She is amazing because she speaks from a pure heart with a lot of wisdom and power.”

Sarah M., London, UK

“I am not great at finding words.

Some days when I really need to be, that is when it seems that is incredibly difficult for me. 

Andrea helped me by speaking manifestations for me. 

I listened to them every day until I no longer needed them.  I am really grateful to her for that. 

When it was difficult for me to stay tuned and continue to work on my connection to The Divine, hearing the spoken manifestations helped me a lot.”

Sabrina I., Germany

Please click to book your custom recording.

You will have a 25 minute call with Andrea to guarantee that the specifications of the recording are exactly what you desire.

If you’re unsure about what you exactly need, she will guide you lovingly to figure it out!

Recordings are $147 USD and include the 25 min call with Andrea.

Specialty recording requests and alternative concepts are always welcome, and prices may vary.

Disclaimer: Andrea is not a medical doctor, and you should always consult with your medical professional for any treatment. This recording in no way guaranteed to cure, prevents or treat any disease.
Results are dependent on the intention and usage of the client. Andrea will not be held liable for any misuse, non-use, or failed desired results. There are no refunds for these services.