Self Mastery, Bliss, Masterful Manifestation, Serenity, Purpose, Empowerment, Divinity, Truth, Self Actualization are YOURS in the 7-module online course with direct and private one-on-one coaching and true MENTORSHIP from Andrea!

This is achieved through the sacred lens of heightened Self Awareness and LIFE MASTERY! 


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Andrea Lowell is an Old Soul on a mission! In complete alignment with her purpose on Earth, she wishes to guide you to yours! Andrea has been working in the realm of Self Mastery and Self Actualization since 2009, with absolute success! She works with women and men, and has dedicated her life to serving the growth of those who desire her specific type of work. 

Andrea began to wake up to the world at large in 2001, experiencing a full blown spiritual awakening in 2012. From then, she has abandoned herself to guiding others to their truest selves. She has shed her former career, ideas, and programming to light the way for others down the same path. This doesn’t mean one needs to change everything like she did, but they should have the willingness to do the work to embody their truest essence, gifts, path, and Self Actualization. 

Andrea has been a coach for over a decade, and this newest online course + mentorship opportunity, is truly her gift to the world. 

The I AM Everything Project is her signature program, designed to enable all who take it, to become everything they need to maintain the highest frequency, Self Mastery, bliss, self awareness, and purpose. 

She is honored to be a part of your journey, no matter how great or small. She is always available to aid and assist, to give clarity, and reflection, and to instill THE TRUTH into your reality. Andrea’s greatest gift is unconditional love. Allow her to show you what it is like to experience that!

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Andrea takes ONLY
4 Clients
a Cycle!

Due to the in depth and intimate nature of this type of work, Andrea takes SELECT clients to assist on their journey to their HIGHEST!
If you feel compelled, please act fast!

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Most Loved Features of Andrea’s Clients:

Group Support, 1:1 Private Coaching with Andrea, Exclusive Course Portal, Direct Access to Andrea, Tons of FREE Bonuses!

Andrea’s Happy Clients!

Amber Merlo, AUS
♦♦♦♦♦ 5/5

“Having Andrea as a coach has altered the course of my life- it isn’t just her breadth and depth of knowledge in literally all things health and wellness, it’s her compassion to meet you wherever you’re at, without judgement, and help you expand into your own limitless potential. 
Andrea’s passion and enthusiasm to see others level-up, wake-up, and step-up into their power is infectious! “Perfection” was never the goal, instead we worked on upgrading every facet of my life in the way that worked best for me and made sense for my lifestyle- she created space for me to be myself, and we celebrated my progress together. 
Simply, Andrea empowered me to be my own Guru whilst simultaneously holding a vision for me as a mentor and coach.”

Sandy Lissette, USA
♦♦♦♦♦ 5/5

I met Andrea at a time in my life where I was going through the most difficult moments I have ever experienced. Feeling out of alignment with myself, my purpose and lacking self love, I am grateful for the opportunity to have someone like her in my life that has instilled in me the power of believing in myself, staying in a positive mindset and turning any negative into a positive!!
It is impossible to work with her and not feel her radiant positive energy take over your heart. She is honest and has a pure soul, which is a rarity nowadays. I look forward to every session that I have with her because I know I will learn something new about myself and she makes me feel like like I could tackle the next steps of my journey. I found in her a true soul sister. Thank you for empowering me.”

Anisha Adsumilli, USA
♦♦♦♦♦ 5/5

Working with Andrea has been life changing! The thing I love most about her is that she truly gets how many different sides of life we all deal with and how many different sides of ourselves that we may be challenged by on the day to day. 
I’ve always felt that I’ve had so many moving parts to me, and at any given moment I have felt safe and invited by Andrea to reach out to her for coaching or ideas or even simply deep support. 
She is full of knowledge and can provide solid reasoning behind why she recommends what she does and how it can benefit our lives. I share the lifestyle tips I learn from Andrea with everyone I know and love! She continually shares from her heart and soul with such generosity, and she holds that space with love and lightness. 
Andrea lives by example and is the real deal!! She is a gorgeous human, and I will be leaning on and learning from Andrea for the rest of my life!

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Master of your OWN LIFE!

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Andrea Lowell has appeared on these shows and networks, plus MANY MANY MORE!

“Andrea’s mentorship elevated my life in wellness, mindset, happiness, and abundance.”

— Danielle J, Client